About Us

The Golden Grill Restaurant started with a simple vision. We want to bring the fun “Fair” food experience to Salem area customers every day!

Sink your teeth into a perfectly cooked Burger. Enjoy a Hot Dog or an Elephant Ear, and why not, indulge in some Cotton Candy or an Ice Cream Sundae to top it off! We also have great happy hour deals, and more.

It's not only about the food. Owners Gina and Larry Dankenbring understand the power of a great atmosphere. This is why The Golden Grill is all about that "Big Top" vibe. The whole family can marvel at our stunning vintage carousels while enjoying their meals. In a hurry? Get some quick take-out through the drive-up window!

You can also find Bob’s Burger Express and Golden Grill Concessions at various local events!